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Big Bang's Biography

Real Name: Kwon Ji-yong
Birth of date: 18th August 1988
Family Members: Parents & older sister (Dami)
Education: Seoul Korean Traditional Arts Middle & High School
Position: Leader/ Rapper/Composer
Debut: DaeHanMinGook Hip Hop Flex (2001)
Trivia: He wrote the hit song Lies and Last farewell himself and he got tattoo on both of his inner arms. His name G-dragon come from his own name Ji which sounds like the English word G while the meaning of Yong is dragon.

Real Name: Dong Young Bae
Birth of date: 18th May 1988
Family Members: Parents & older brother (Hyun Bae)
Education: Daejin University in Theater & Film (starting in 2008)
Position: Vocalist
Debut: YG Family 2nd Album (2002)
Trivia: He will be the first one from the member that will come out with a solo album and he had his first kiss in the MV My Girl.

Real Name: Choi Seung Hyun
Birth of date: 4th November 1987
Family Members: Parents & Older Sister
Education: Seoul Art College (Majoring in Musical) Dangook University in Theater & Film (2008)
Position: Rapper/Beat boxer
Debut: In Big Bang
Trivia: His name T.O.P was given by SE7EN who is his senior in YG entertainment, he is also and MC at a show called Music Core at and he is also an actor which he acts in the drama I am Sam.

Real Name: Kang Dae Sung
Birth of date: 26th April 1989
Family: Parents, older sister (Bora)
Education: KyeongIn High School
Position: Vocalist
Debut: In Big Bang
Trivia: He has an obsession with the cartoon Doraemon, he has a great sense of humor and has a talent of imitating famous people and even animals. He is also someone who loves to sing trot and a good one at it.

Real Name: Lee Seung Hyun
Birth of date: 12th December 1990
Family Members: Parents & younger sister
Education: He quit school to pursue his career as a singer in Big Bang
Position: Vocalist
Debut: In Big Bang
Trivia: He entered a competition called Battle Shinhwa, he got rejected because his vocal is not impressive enough but because his dance is outstanding he got pick to be a new trainee in YG entertainment.

Former member

He is the second guy from the left

Real Name: Jang Hyun Seung
Birth of date: 3 September 1989
Family members: Parent & Younger Sibling
Specialty: Singing
Trivia: He did not pass the audition due to his shyness on stage. He is no longer with YG.
** He is the member of another Korean group Beast.

Credit: Wikipedia, Big Bang thread@Soompi
Pictures credit: Bebo-V

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Big Bang's Discography

Big Bang's 1st single album was released on 28th August 2006
  1. Intro (Put Your Hands Up)
  2. We Belong Together (Feat. 박봄 / Park Bom)
  3. 눈물뿐인 바보 (A Fool's Tear)
  4. This Love

Big Bang is V.I.P was released 28th September 2006
  1. La-La-La
  2. My Girl
  3. V.I.P
  4. La-La-La (Instrumental)

B I G B A N G 0 3 was realeased on 21st November 2006
  1. VICTORY (Intro)
  2. B I G B A N G
  3. Forever With You (Feat. 박봄 / Park Bom)
  4. Good Bye Baby
  5. 웃어본다 (Try Smiling)
Volume 1-Since 2007 was released on 21st December 2006
  1. Intro (Big Bang)
  2. She Can’t Get Enough
  3. Dirty Cash
  4. 다음날 (Next Day) (Seung Ri (승리) Solo)
  5. BIG BOY (T.O.P Solo)
  6. 흔들어 (Shake It)
  7. 눈물뿐인 바보 (A Fool's Only Tear)
  8. My Girl (Tae Yang (태양) Solo)
  9. La-La-La
  10. This Love (G-Dragon (G-드래곤) Solo)
  11. 웃어본다 (Try Smiling) (Dae Sung (대성) Solo)

Big Bang's 1st concert Live album-The Real was released on 8th February 2007
  1. B I G B A N G (Live)
  2. V.I.P (Live)
  3. My Girl (Live)
  4. 눈물뿐인 바보 (A Fool's Tear) (Live)
  5. We Belong Together (Live) (Feat. Park Bom)
  6. Forever With You (Live) (Feat. Park Bom)
  7. 웃어본다 (Trying To Laugh) (Live)
  8. BIG BOY (Live)
  9. 다음날 (Next Day) (Live)
  10. She Can't Get Enough (Live)
  11. Dirty Cash (Live)
  12. This Love (Live)
  13. La-La-La (Live)
  14. Good Bye Baby (Live)
  15. 흔들어 (Shake It) (Live)
  16. Dirty Cash (For Fan - Original Track)

Big Bang's 1st mini album-Always was released on 16th August 2007
  1. 우린 빅뱅 (We Are Big Bang)
  2. 거짓말 (Lies)
  3. 없는 번호 (Unknown Number)
  4. 아무렇지 않은 척 (Pretend To Be Unconcerned) (T.O.P Solo) (Feat. Ji Eun / 지은)
  5. Oh Ma Baby
  6. Always
Big Bang's 2nd mini album-Hot issue was released on 22nd November 2007
  1. Intro - Hot Issue
  2. 바보 (Fool)
  3. But I Love U (Sampling By Rhu Of Redd Holt Unlimited)
  4. I Don't Understand
  5. Crazy Dog (Sampling By 환상 속의 그대 Of Taijiboys)
  6. 마지막 인사 (Last Farewell)

For the world-Japan Album was released on 4th January 2008
  1. Intro - VIP
  3. How Gee
  4. Lie
  5. So Beautiful
  6. La La La
  7. Together Forever
  8. Always

Credit: Big Bang Wikipidea & Big Bang@thread soompi
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